Amanda Chang

Amanda Chang

Tuesday, 04 October 2016
Guest DJS

Evolution and consistency is what defines the Amanda Chang’s path.

With an intrinsic talent who seeks artistic and personal development above all, Amanda tries not to limit herself to one style, one way, with one tribe only. Instead, she observes, enjoys different sounds stamping her own identity as she builds a solid path in the music business.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Amanda started playing house music – her roots – at the huge Privilége Brazil, club that welcomed her and where she was a resident for many years, showing her influences raised from an intense curiosity and interest in different rhythms, from Bossa Nova to classical music.

But it was in Ibiza that her unique way of thinking began to make sense: finding what´s new. Amanda lived for two summers, 2007 and 2008 and had debut in The Face of Ibiza in 2013.

Right from the start, the artist from Rio stands out wherever she goes, showing her exciting and charismatic personality and surrendering completely in every performance, either as a headliner of important events and clubs such as Rio Music Carnival, D-Edge and Warung, or leading nights 100 % conceptual in Portugal, taking her fine musical ascertainment to the Weekend in Berlin, opening huge dance floors, like the electronics in Rock in Rio and to great artists like John Digweed, Solomun, Steve Bug, Dimitri from Paris.

“I give my best in all performances. I know I have a responsibility to affect people with music, “says Amanda, who carries this special gift, transmitting her dynamic energy into creative and live sets, creating unique atmospheres.

Those who follow the scene in Rio de Janeiro, saw Amanda develop and grow increasingly, which led her to be today one of the most recognized DJs of Brazil. So much so that she was nominated for DJ revelation by the highest award in Latin America, the Rio Music Conference.

If house music is her school, it was in techno that she found a deeper form of artistic expression. During a season in Berlin, she rediscovered herself and her passion for techno grew stronger. In this musical maturity process, Amanda felt free to show more and more her essence in performances spilled by feelings and carefully constructed sets for each environment.

In her last European tour, she performed at Egg Club in London, Suicide Circus in Berlin, at Rock in Rio in Portugal and she took that time to absorb new sounds. “I do not like to raise flags of what is good, house or techno. I transit between sounds because I like to enjoy, enjoy every style, breaking sound barriers. If you are with a light spirit, you can capitulate energies and transmit what´s new. ”

The artists she admires, the highlights are the authenticity and love of Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Rawtin and Marc Houle, the contagious energy of Carl Cox, the innovator Derrick May, the erudite Francesco Tristano, Henrik Schwarz’ musicality, the pioneering of Kraftwerk, the evolution and constant of “DJanes” Niva Kraviz, Sonja Moonear, Anna, Magda, Ellen Allien and Nastia.The artists she has played with, her intense musical research, Bossa nova, Beethoven, the piano lessons, discos, places she has visited, serve as inspiration so that her restlessness and curiosity overflow in captivating sets always highly praised. Amanda is someone to watch and follow closely.

“I love my job and I can spend the rest of my life DJing, which is what I love to do most.”

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