The Gater

The Gater

Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Resident DJS

Born in Toulon (France), in 1982, Yannick alias The Gater, is a multi-genre amateur DJ, and above all passionate about music.

Listening to music from an early age, it was in the mid-90s that he discovered electro. Its orientation is rather House, Techno & Hardcore.

But it was in 2015 that he began to take up djing, mixing several genres. Soulful, Deep and House is just the beginning of his mixes, gradually moving towards other electro horizons.

In 2018, he was a DJ on the web radio Underground Frequency.
In 2019, he joined the web radio of Militia Underground.

His music remains a passion above all, whatever the confused genres and styles …

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