Fabrizio Parisi

Fabrizio Parisi

Saturday, 04 July 2020
Resident DJS
Fabrizio Parisi is among the most popular Italian DJs and producers in
Eastern Europe and the Middle East with more  than 3500 DJ Live Performances all over the world.
He is founder and owner of the music label Fa&MiMusic
Born in Basel,Switzerland in the family of famous italian music manager.
At age of six started playing piano and later entered the State Music High School “V. Stoyanov” Rousse, Bulgaria.
Couple of years later  started  playing  drums also.
Through the years he took part in many different groups, projects and singles in Italy,Bulgaria and Turkey as a drummer, pianist,composer,arranger and DJ.
He is DMC Champion of Bulgaria for 1995′
In the end of 2017 he created the Smash-Hit Sunbeams(with Miyan and the voice of Belonoga),wich is one of the most quoted tracks for 2018 in many clubs in Ibiza, Egypt, Greece,Lebanon,Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey … In less than 30 days “Sunbeams” is in second place in the Top 100 Shazam Bulgaria,took the first places of all Radio and Television rankings and was in the Top 20 on the radio charts of many countries: Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece …
Sunbeams remains in Top 10 of Bulgaria for 49 weeks  ( 11 weeks is number one and 36 in Top 5) and reaches the 38 th place on European
Official Top 100 Chart.
His new label-Hybrid Sound Records was launched in September-2018 with the single “Aurora”, which in  a few months reached the top position in many charts  and is in the world famous MTV Dance Channel’s  playlists.
In march 2019,again with Hybrid Sound Records,launched the smash hit “Tell Me Right”(collaboration with Virginia Records) feat. Eva Parmakova.
“Tell Me Right”Top10 of a lot of countries in the East Europe and, like Aurora, it is in maximum rotation on the international MTV Dance music channel
The end of 2019 is crowned by two new singles by Fabrizio Parisi and produced by his label Fa & MiMusic:
Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor x Veneta – I Can Survive (release date 10th September 2019) – 4 weeks on Top in the Radio Dance Chart of The Voice Radio&Tv
Fabrizio Parisi & Valentina – Let it Play (release date 4th october 2019) Top20 of the Shazam Top200 Bulgaria and part of the MTV Dance playlist for 64 countries2020 start with a new single from his label Fa&MiMusic: Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor x DIA – #yoursake
#yoursake reaches Top50 ShazamBG,Top10 of all Bulgarian charts and Top30 in China and Brasil

Fabrizio Parisi was invited to make his own weekly show on Italia Radio 1 and to be part of the radio’s team, together with Benny Benassi,The Cube Guys;Federico Scavo;Luca Guerrieri;Flashmob;Gianluca Vacchi
Every Sunday at 19.00(CEST) the Fabrizio Parisi’s radio show #italianjob# on  www.italiaradio1.com

From summer 2019/20 his sets are part of Radio Ibiza’s playlists

Fabrizio Parisi 2017/20 Singles:

Fabrizio Parisi & MiYan feat Belonoga – Sunbeams – release 17th november 2017
4th place in Bulgaria’s Airplay International Chart for 2018
38th place in the Official European Official Top 100 Chart
2th place in Shazam Top 100 Bulgaria 15 days after the release date
and is remixed by the two of the most popular Turkish DJs :DJ Tarkan and DJ Ahmet Kılıç.
Entry into various top charts for the year 2018 in the following countries:
Egypt;Lebanon;Israel;Turkye;Greece;Holland;Poland ecc ecc
In Bulgaria Totally Smash Hit:
in Top 10 of Bulgaria for 49 weeks(11 weeks is number one and 36 in Top 5)

Fabrizio Parisi & WahTony feat. Belonoga – Aurora – release date 31th August 2018
15 weeks in The Bulgarian Top 10 Airplay Chart
From November 2018, Aurora is in rotation on the international television channel MTV Dance – Europe and Asian

Fabrizio Parisi & WahTony feat. Eva Parmakova – Tell Me Right – release date 22th march 2019
In Top20 Bulgarian Airplay from 28th of March 2019
In Rotation on MTV-Dance
Entry into various top charts in the following countries:

Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor x Veneta – I Can Survive – release date 10th september 2019
4 consecutive weeks Number 1 in the Radio Dance Chart of The Voice Radio&Tv
Top20 Shazam Top200 Bulgaria

Fabrizio Parisi & Valentina – Let it Play – relase date 4th october 2019)
Top20 Shazam
After 1 week the track is in rotation on MTV Dance Channel
3 consecutive week in TOP10 of most played songs in Bulgaria(All media)
Number 1 in The Radio Dance Chart of The Voice Radio&Tv
TOP 10 in a lot of charts in Bulgaria and other countries

Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor x DIA – #yoursake – release date 24th december 2019 and video released 15th january 2020.
Top 10 of most played tracks in Bulgaria(all medias)
Top 10 in all Bulgarian Tv & Radio charts

Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor x DIA – South Legend – release date 19th june 2020
9 days after the official release,South Legend reaches TOP50 Shazam Bulgaria and is in the playlists of a lot of radiostations in Greece,Turkiye,Serbia,Germany ecc ecc

The Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor Remix of the Greg Gould & Peyton version of the smash hit “The Boy is Mine”  reached 7th place on the UK dance pop commercial chart,is part of the playlist of MTV Dance and is one of the most played track in all Bulgarian medias.

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