Dr Animale

Dr Animale

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Resident DJS

Dr Animale (Timur YILMAZ) is a medical doctor, neurologist and neuroscientist . He uses ethnical techno music to form a bridge between soul and brain. Which he believes is one of  the oldest ways of connection to spirituality. He was born in Germany/düsseldorf and is now living in Antalya/TURKEY. He is the father of two childs and is a famous writer, TEDx speaker and educator for neuroscientific topics in Turkey.

He is a local dj in Antalya and he has played in many organization in Turkey. He also combines his medical doctor id and techno dj id and turns medical congresses into techno parties.

He has invented a color scheme for ethnical music which belongs to him and used neurotransmitter findings like dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen. He uses this method to construct his sets.

He played with Lunar Plane and Melih Aydogan

His main genres are Deephouse, Techhouse, Afrohouse, Electronica and Melodic Techno

He believes that electronic music is going to change very quickly and will be personally targeted where everyone will make his own sound just by using their brain EEG scans, thoughts and feelings

Music is not the answer…. Music is the FUTURE





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