Bartolo Fiorillo

Bartolo Fiorillo

Tuesday, 06 April 2021
Resident DJS

Bartolo Fiorillo is an Italian DJ, from Caserta. He started his career at the age of 14 by partying with friends. At the age of 16 he began to make evenings in discos in his area, supporting the resident DJs of the clubs. His passion for music allows him to influence the evenings with a more refined and targeted music, the passion for music leads him to listen to different musical genres and, thus manages to propose different musical genres, with influences ranging from funky-soul , to jazz fusion. We are talking about the period of the late eighties, and exactly in the period from 1984 to 1990, that is the periods of the birth of house music. The house kidnaps him and from there begins a long search for personality that allows him to approach radio stations as well. The house with the funky-soul and the still influential sounds of the seventy genre, push him towards musical genres that make him make the leap in quality and allow him to land in clubs. He, that is the most popular disco of that period, thus began a whole series of evenings in clubs scattered throughout Italy.

From the beginning of the 90s they start a series of tours in the local Campania, such as the MyToy, the Empire 2, the Lanternone, the nightlife, the Moulin rouge, taxi drive, Movement in Soul, My Way, Magna Grecia, The history, I Pini, and the various dinner clubs, Apogée (where it becomes resident on Saturday evening).

In the same period, he is called for club nights in southern Lazio, up to some of the hottest clubs in the capital. In the same period he joined the “musica in” agency and with it he worked in various clubs between Tuscany and Lazio, and Emilia Romagna, finding excellent feedback including one of the legendary clubs of the Tuscan Maremma, the Bella bimba disco, where he became first special guest. From there a whole series of evenings begin, including Tentenza, Red zone, Coccodrile, Catton, Imperiale, Piper, Cotton club, Base, Havana, East Side, Enneci, Il Grottino, Sheò, il Flacabè, La vecchia Fattoria, Prince, Seventeen, Il Faro and many others. All this allows him to get noticed and frequent different characters from the disco world and becomes friends with Moiraghi, with whom he then shares some of the most popular club house consoles, (already mentioned above) such as L’ennenci, East side, Studio One, Le Follie and others. In the mid-90s, he joined Radio Luna Caserta, where he broadcasts a DJ set every Friday night. After various experiences and professional growth, between 97 and 98, he starts working on a record production, a house music track entitled J “ast any day”, with the DF Team group, the disc comes out with Reshape , Milanese label, enjoying some success, so much so that he is fired with the German Mercury, which adds a version made by “Ortega & Lorenzo’s in the Disco Beams version”. The album enters a double CD compilation on the PolyGram label, in Germany, entitled “Horny House” with the likes of “Mousse T., Randy Crawford, First Choice, Dave Angel and many others. In the same year the disc is inserted in another compilation in Holland a quadruple CD entitled “Klubbsounds 1997”. From that period a whole series of record productions began, including two American releases, in 1998 with the Connected Funk group on “Vinyl Peace” entitled “Sexy Lady” and the other on “Bronze Mocha Music” entitled “Disco delight EP ”in 1999, both records in collaboration with two other DJs and a musician. In 2000 he was entrusted with a remix of the First Choice “Double Cross”, a remix that has a fair response not only in Italy but also abroad, which was released on the label “Salsoul Records, Double J Records, Reshape”. In 2001 he worked on another remix, that of “Tony Esposito” entitled “Papa Chico” on the label “DWBoys”. In addition to several bootlegs including one called “missigdeep”.

The productions lead him to have greater appreciation from the insiders, allowing him to perform in evenings with the likes of Junior Sancehz, Paul Trouble Anderson, Michael Waterford, Alex

Natale, Franco Moiraghi who had already collaborated in previous years, Frank Nastri, and many other DJs with whom he shared the best clubhouse consoles throughout the country and beyond.

All the activity continues until the end of 2008, when for personal reasons he is forced to move away from music and clubs, devoting himself to something else, but the music that in a certain sense has never left him or abandoned always kept him tied by a thread that allowed him to have a few evenings every now and then. For almost ten years away from music and clubs, at the end of 2016, he decided to pick up where he left off, with no little difficulty, as the context of clubs and music had changed a lot, and he had to start over almost as if ever. had done the DJ and the producer. Thus began a new path made up of many difficulties as the context had changed, as was the approach with music and tracks, everything was digital and / or virtual, but this did not become a brake, but only a new habit. . He thus resumes his DJ activity trying to make room for small and targeted evenings made of beautiful music and beautiful people, with DJ sets based on the soulful genre. In 2019 he decides to resume production too, and thus begins to work on ideas that he develops without haste. Until 2020 arrives, that the pandemic stops everything and even the evenings, but this however negative has had its positive sides, as it has allowed us to devote ourselves to the music produced and created, and thus begins to create a series of tracks that are slowly elaborated and defined, one in particular a bootleg and / or remix by George Duke entitled It’s On. Present on the Bartolo Fiorillo youtube channel and on SoundCloud.


Bartolo Fiorillo

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