Shane Gooseman

Shane Gooseman

Sunday, 18 September 2016
Guest DJS

Shane Gooseman was born in 1983. His style uses music wishes of listeners on a special kind and elements of hip-hop, dance and techno flow with him together and offer a special music enjoyment on the dance floor when “Shane Gooseman” plays. The continually evolving DJ techniques draw the artists and inspire the Publikum.2006 took a creative break instead and he reported back in 2007 and now also launched its first musical projects in the studio. Since the productions follow from his pen. Together with his brother he started the project “Galxystudio” and thus they have a new “home base” for themselves and their Produktionen.Seit 2010 takes “Shane Gooseman” also booking requests for corporate events and launched in the same year, his ” job “as a resident DJ in” JFK bar “.

The music is the emotional tool which he brings his passion expressed for “Shane”. This is probably the reason why “Shane Gooseman” engages in its compilations of DJ sets again and more to electronic productions. In order to pass on his conception of music to his fans he nutz music genres such as drum’n’bass, breakbeat, dubstep and also Techno.Abwechslungsreich but not too playful “designed”, “Shane Gooseman”, his DJ sets and its high quality brought him 2012 for the spectacular open air “dance in the sand” and you could discover the events him in lineup.


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