Kay Bauher

Kay Bauher

Sunday, 12 March 2017
Guest DJS

Kay Bauher has been dedicated to the world of rhythm since the early stages of his life, starting with classical guitar and then passing onto drums as a teenager. His passion has always been composing music.

Since 2000, first with a Pentium but then upgrading to a Mac, Kay spent many sleepless nights on musical experimentation with virtual machines; this would lead him to take the first steps with Ableton Live. Making his debut in 2002, surrounded by nature, using his mixer and 6 meters of jack rack, Kay had his baptism into the world of techno

With the help of Faith, aka GordTheRouge, Kay experimented and delved into the more profound layers of editing, music and sound.

In 2007, thanks to the T.E.N. party and through appearances in the music scene of North Eastern Italy, Kay Bauher would meet Renè Le Crois (RLC_LIVE), a future faithful partner with whom he would direct the composition of a new project containing new and improved original tracks.

Kay came to a decisive stage in his artistic growth and, as he is always looking for new inspiration, decided to change perspective and go straight to the source of electronic music, to its native environment, the place where his genre gets heard the most, Ibiza. In Ibiza Kay’s first production arrived in 2013 with Silenth Dither, a deep-house single produced by American label Mindwarp Records. From there he would go on to partner with Affect Recordings, a German label with which he has produced various compilation albums and several EPs.

Currently he is involved in several projects and collaborations, such as his latest EP  Circus which is due out in February 2017 and will be promoted by Subwoofer Records [Laboratory]

Soon with another EP on  Triskel Tech Aztech Recordings.


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