Thursday, 28 November 2019
Guest DJS

Nico PeƱalver, more well known for TECHNIKO. After more than 18 years of experience with electronic music, it is properly considered a mixture of the old school with the new one, since it has fed on both. He techno in its pure state and the versatility that it acquires throughout those years, learns to expand its musical range, from tech to mix D&B, reggae, and themes of several decades. He has been able to listen to several radio stations such as ORBITAL RADIO, PEOPLE FM, TSF (THE SOUND FACTORY), BLITZ FM … and attended several events in local pubs, always with his style already marked, his mixes are very technical but at the same time unpredictable, able to surprise any type of audience …

Always willing to improve with ambition, determination and humility

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