Afro House

DJM Vurry
Resident DJS

I am an Italien Dj based in Sicily. I started listenig to RAP, R&B, Funk Music, up to the first Afro music, from the early 80s and since then the passion for “good music” has never left me. Today my musical style mainly contains Deep house, Afro, Tecnical and Soulful house...

Thursday, 03 June 2021
Bartolo Fiorillo
Resident DJS

Bartolo Fiorillo is an Italian DJ, from Caserta. He started his career at the age of 14 by partying with friends. At the age of 16 he began to make evenings in discos in his area, supporting the resident DJs of the clubs. His passion for music allows him to influence the evenings with a more refined and targeted music, the passion for music leads him to listen to different musical genres and, thus manages to propose different musical genres,...

Tuesday, 06 April 2021
DJ Alemar
Resident DJS

I started with records in 1979, with 80s uplifting music on a small local radio until 1985 .. I lived in Jamaica for various reasons and for many years .. I left this world until 3 years ago (2017) I wanted to get the debate back almost by accident myself in front of a console … I just didn’t know where to start using vinyls, I managed to spend an evening at the disco in a few months with dedication...

Thursday, 17 December 2020
Dr Animale
Resident DJS

Dr Animale (Timur YILMAZ) is a medical doctor, neurologist and neuroscientist . He uses ethnical techno music to form a bridge between soul and brain. Which he believes is one of  the oldest ways of connection to spirituality. He was born in Germany/düsseldorf and is now living in Antalya/TURKEY. He is the father of two childs and is a famous writer, TEDx speaker and educator for neuroscientific topics in Turkey. He is a local dj in Antalya and he has...

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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