Afro House

DJ Alemar
Resident DJS

I started with records in 1979, with 80s uplifting music on a small local radio until 1985 .. I lived in Jamaica for various reasons and for many years .. I left this world until 3 years ago (2017) I wanted to get the debate back almost by accident myself in front of a console … I just didn’t know where to start using vinyls, I managed to spend an evening at the disco in a few months with dedication...

Thursday, 17 December 2020
Dr Animale
Resident DJS

Dr Animale (Timur YILMAZ) is a medical doctor, neurologist and neuroscientist . He uses ethnical techno music to form a bridge between soul and brain. Which he believes is one of  the oldest ways of connection to spirituality. He was born in Germany/düsseldorf and is now living in Antalya/TURKEY. He is the father of two childs and is a famous writer, TEDx speaker and educator for neuroscientific topics in Turkey. He is a local dj in Antalya and he has...

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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